AEM PSIG Sensor Kit 30-2130-150


  • Product Description

      AEM Electronics PSIG sensor kits feature high-quality sealed housings for maximum durability. They have a 3-wire mating connector with 12 in. leads for an easy plug-in installation. Kits are available for boost, exhaust gas temperature, nitrous oxide, brake pressure, inlet air temperature, or UEGO replacement gauges.

      AEM Electronics PSIG sensor kits are available in brass or stainless steel. Use brass sensors where you need a good reference to what pressure is being seen; e.g., reference/information of manifold pressure, not for ECU calibration. Stainless sensors should be used where you need exact details of the pressure; e.g., calibration/critical MAP sensor information for the ECU.

      Features include:
      - Stainless steel sensors accurate to within 1percent of full scale (pressure sensors)
      - Brass sensors accurate to within 3 percent of full scale (pressure sensors)
      - High-quality sealed sensor housings are virtually impervious to automotive fluids (360-degree welded wetted area)
      - Connector and pins included

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