"From small beginnings, great things can happen."


Redline Performance begin in 1995 in Fullerton, CA doing aftermarket high performance outdrives for the boat industry. Mike Porter, owner of Redline, built a rotary sandrail as a hobby to take to Glamis. The car caught attention and people started inquiring about the motor.  Mike soon began building Mazda rotary engines for others...and from there it began.


The engines quickly evolved. EFI technology was added and a chassis dyno was purchased to tune and test the engines. The dyno was used to tune all other motor and car types, while also allowing Mike to learn about EFI systems and every unique type of engine you can imagine. Soon after, an engine dyno was added for additional development. GM introduced the Northstar and LS that Redline created their unique sand car and off road motor packages from. These packages were built in every possible way; stock, single turbo, twin turbo, supercharged, etc.  


Redline Performance continues to research and develop the newest and most innovative engine and electronic development. Our continued research and development allows us to offer the best end product and service for our customers.