Weddle 11" Single Plate Clutch Package


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      Weddle 11" Single Plate Clutch Package for PBS Short Chevy Bell HSG to LS1/LS2/LS3/LS6/LS7

      This clutch package is designed for .300" crank offset and PBS short Chevy bell housing (with VW style clutch release mechanism). The 27.8mm diameter pilot bearing included with this package installs deep in the crankshaft to make room for the PBS input shaft splines. If you already have a 43.3mm pilot bearing installed in your crankshaft, it must be removed and discarded. A block mounted started is required. 

      Package Includes:
      - x1 Flywheel
      - x1 Clutch Cover
      - x1 Clutch Disc
      - x1 Pilot Bearing
      - x6 Bolts
      - x1 12mm T/O BRG Extender
      - x2 Spacers for T/O BRG (6mm total)
      - x1 Flat Throwout Bearing

      Part #: CLK-PBS-LS-C11-1

      In Store Pickup: Anaheim, CA, USA

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