Holley Single Plane EFI LS1 Intake Manifold, Black


  • Product Description

      Single Plane EFI LS Intake Manifold. All GM LS Gen III or IV engines equipped with LS1/LS2/LS6 style cathedral port cylinder heads.

      2500-7000 RPM power band
      - 4150 Square bore flange
      - Optimized runner layout and constant cross sectional area - broad torque curve, best vehicle performance from 2500-7000 RPM
      - Minimum carb flange height - fit in vehicles with minimum hood modifications
      - Cast aluminum construction - great manifold for centrifugal blower, turbocharged or NOS power adder applications
      - Efficient casting design - lightweight, consistent wall thicknesses, improved casting quality
      - Height (front) - 5.417" to the lifter valley cover flange at the engine block front flange
      - Port size - 2.50" height x 1.15" wide
      - Includes Viton® O-ring intake to cylinder head gaskets - Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont Performance Elastomers
      - Kit does not work with factory fuel rails and requires the use of Holley Fuel Rail Kit P/N 534-219

      Part #: 300-137BK

      Weight: 17 lb.

      Length: 23 in.

      Width: 14 in.

      Height: 7 in.

      Brand: Holley EFI

      Construction: Cast

      Emission Code: 3

      Engine: GM LS1/LS2/LS6

      Finish: Black

      Flange Style: 4150 Square Bore

      Front Height: 5.417 in.

      Fuel System Type: EFI

      Manifold Type: Single Plane

      Rear Height: 5.417 in.

      RPM Power Band: 2500-7000

      In Store Pickup: Anaheim, CA, USA

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