Isky RAD Racing Valve Springs 9968-RAD


  • Product Description

      Racers, lock and load for Operation Full Throttle with Tool Room RAD racing valve springs from Isky. Utilizing failsafe endurance processing, every part and every batch is tested every time to give you the ability to push your engine to the limit! The RAD-9000 processing of Tool Room valve springs employs radial densification (RAD), Isky's trade secret, to optimize the physical properties and endurance of your engine's high-rpm torture as you battle for the checkered flag. These precision-designed, "super-clean," high-alloy steel racing valve springs are put through an all-out, no-holds-barred endurance test. The elite survive this pass-or-fail benchmark, ensuring that only the strongest go into your race car. Ordinary valve springs can succumb to resonant vibration, putting you out of the race. So, why take a chance? Armor your valvetrain with sustained redline protection to encounter and overtake the competition--Isky Tool Room RAD racing valve springs.

      Valve Spring Style: Standard

      Number of Springs Per Valve: Dual

      Outside Diameter of Outer Spring (in): 1.570 in.

      Coil Bind Height (in): 1.100 in.

      Damper Spring Included: Yes

      Spring Rate (lbs/in): 560 lbs./in.

      Inside Diameter of Outer Spring (in): 1.145 in.

      Inside Diameter of Inner Spring (in): 0.745 in.

      Valve Springs Coated: No

      Quantity: Sold as a set of 16.

      In Store Pickup: Anaheim, CA, USA

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