Manley Piston and Ring Set 596975CE-8


  • Product Description

      The Platinum Series pistons' 2618 alloy offers maximum high-temperature strength and fatigue resistance and are designed to provide trouble-free installation, excellent reliability, and maximum horsepower for your application. Perfect ring groove to skirt squareness is achieved through a unique "one fixturing" manufacturing method. Manley utilize's a proven offset wrist pin design and moly coated skirts for ultimate performance. Roundwire locks, tool steel wrist pins and pressure balance grooves are included with every set at no additional charge.

       Premium Chrome Moly wrist pins are included with the Standard Series and 9310 Alloy wrist pins are included with the Extreme Duty Series.

      Note: Compression ratios are calculated at 0.00" deck clearance, a 9.240" deck height, and a .042" thick compressed head gasket.

      Bore (in): 4.075"

      Stroke (in): 3.622"

      Rod Length (in): 6.125"

      Piston Style: Dish with two valve reliefs

      Piston Material: Forged Aluminum

      Compression Distance: 1.304"

      Piston Head Volume (cc): -18.00 cc

      Wrist Pin Style: Press Fit or Floating

      Wrist Pin Included: Yes

      Pin Diameter (in): 0.927"

      Piston Ring Thickness: 1.50mm x 1.50mm x 3.00mm

      Piston Rings Included: Yes

      Piston Weight (Gms): 449

      Coated Skirt: Yes

      Compression Ratio: 64cc 9.7 | 66cc 9.5 | 70cc 9.2 | 72cc 9.0

      Valve Pocket: LS-1, 2, 3, 6, L92

      In Store Pickup: Anaheim, CA, USA

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