Manley Steel H-Beam Connecting Rods 14051R-8


  • Product Description

      Manley steel H-beam connecting rods are made from forged 4340 steel alloy. They're packed full of performance features, such as a compact uniform-grain structure for ultimate strength, full machining, stress relieving, and magnafluxing. The wrist pin and big end bores are honed to a +/-.0002 in. tolerance, and the wrist pins get a bronze alloy bushing. These units include cap screw ARP 8740 alloy rod bolts, and each rod set is weight-matched to within 2 grams. 

      Quantity: Sold as a set of 8.

      Connecting Rod Length Center to Center (in): 6.125 in.

      Connecting Rod Beam Style: H-beam

      Connecting Rod Material: Forged 4340 steel

      Connecting Rod Finish: Shot-peened

      Wrist Pin Style: Floating

      Rod Journal Diameter (in): 2.100 in.

      Big End Bore Diameter (in): 2.2250 in.

      Pin End Bore Diameter: 0.928 in.

      Clearenced for Stroker: Yes

      Cap Retention Style: Cap screw

      Connecting Rod Bolt Brand: ARP

      Connecting Rod Bolt Diameter: 7/16 in.

      Connecting Rod Bolt Material: ARP2000 alloy

      Fastener Tensile Strength (psi): 200,000 psi

      Connecting Rod Bolt Head Style: 12-point

      Approximate Connecting Rod Weight (g): 656

      Advertised Horsepower Rating: 775 hp

      Weight Matched Set: Yes

      Magnafluxed: Yes

      In Store Pickup: Anaheim, CA, USA

      * Notes: 0.025 in. longer than stock. No offset on the journal. Custom pistons required when using connecting rods with custom wrist pin diameter and longer than stock length.

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